Take 26

*This entry was published 10/26/19 on Facebook Story; which Facebook is ending on 2/28/21 Pronounced Blizz Styles If you know me...

Take 25

I just wish we could stay on the phone a long time like she does with everyone else. I guess we're not close. Gah, I wish we were close....

Take 24

This is the shit that goes through my head when people are boring me.

Take 23

$40x52wks= $2080 a year $2080 x16yrs=33,280 Excuse me, fam. I’m working on something. Should I retire at 50?

Take 22

Seriously, I want those teriyaki wings!

Take 21

I see the glass as half empty because someone neglected to fill it or discarded half of it. I am a realist.

Take 20

Why should I go miserable while making people happy?

Take 19

My thing is, these girls' parents, or whoever is in charge of them, had to sign some papers to authorize the girls' part in "Cuties".

Take 18

Live in Your Truth!

Take 17

Have I truly let go? 🤔 I have physically separated myself from certain people. Have I emotionally separated myself from them?

Take 16

Damn, I need a cuddle buddy who will also be my fuck buddy. Or...Maybe I need a fuck buddy who will also be my cuddle buddy.

Take 15

🤔 Maybe I should remain single. Why should I pursue a romantic relationship?

Take 14

It’s hot as fuck out here in Fairburn, GA! 108 degrees!

Take 13

When I moved to CT in March 2020 in the height of COVID-19 to pursue my dreams/goals.

Take 12

People are talking beside their car on the roadside. Children are running & playing behind the parked car. YO!!! SCARY SHIT!!!

Take 11

Thanks everyone for reaching out to me & allowing me to tell you what’s up with me.

Take 10

Kind words are like honey — sweet to the taste and good for your health.

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Take 9

When I get back to CT, I’m hugging every single one of you!!! Yes, all of you!!!

Take 8

I am a realist. I see things as they are. This is what it is; nothing more, nothing less.