• Gina Vernon


Warning: Curse words are used. I have a tendency of writing what's on my mind. I seriously don't give a fuck what negative shit people have to say. In the end, the writing keeps going. Ok? I'm an introvert. I suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder. I am a black lesbian woman. I write much better than I speak. I don't like raw tomatoes, but, I like tomato products. My mind is constantly on fucking. I tend to overthink in the simplest settings & underthink in the most serious settings. Don't like it? That's your business. I am who I am. I can't be anyone else.

I look at life like different takes for different movie scenes. Everyday that we live, we have a chance to do better in our lives...or do worst. We're not going to get it right everytime. It's the effort & intentions that counts. Ok? Ok. Let's do this.

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