• Gina Vernon

Take 10

Kind words are like honey — sweet to the taste and good for your health.

Proverbs 16:24 GNB

I told you in a previous blog that I like Proverbs from the Bible. It teaches us wisdom. I don't like or agree with all of the laws that are written in the Bible. Anyway...

There's something about kind words. They make me feel better about myself. They brighten my day. Not only kind words. Kind gestures. Simple shit like opening a damn door for me; especially when you see I'm struggling with packages. A simple hello with an authentic warm smile works wonders with me. I will say it back & ask how are you. Kindness. It takes 1 second to share. Kindness should go viral instead of those stupid videos of niggaz fighting each other.

Yes, I used the word niggaz! Because they are ignorant ass people! If they were of Non-African Decent, I would have written niggaz as well. Go fuck yourself. In this scenario, it's not about race. It's about stupidity & ignorance. All races have stupid & ignorant people.

Now. I'm kind to a point. If I feel as if a person is taking my kindness for granted or for a weakness, I'm done. I'm done! Get what I'm saying? My kindness is one of my strengths. If you use it as a weakness, I'm done with you! Simple. I'm a good person with a good heart. People's abuse is way past old. Life is too short for bullshit but long enough to enjoy. I'm the type of person to go all out for people. If I'm the only one doing that, you're on your own. I will leave you to your demise. Don't curse me out for leaving you. You caused me to leave.

Earlier this year, I tried to help someone. I went all out for him. Once a person call the cops on me, it's a wrap. I'm done. Here's your shit. I'm done! What did you call me? A crab ass nigga? You were the one mooching off of me & I'm the crab ass nigga. OK. We're really done here. I wish you nothing but the best. He didn't tell me to my face. He waited until I drove away to put it in a text, then, blocked my response. That was a bitch move, dude. I give people chances that they don't deserve to straighten up & fly right. That's the kindness in me. That's the great thing about me. People like dude? I had to leave them where they stood. He was the last man standing. 😆 Listen to The Gigi Nero Show Episode 1. I talk about friends. Do not take someone's kindness for granted. They are a rare find. Once they put you out, well, it'll be awhile before you find another kind person to abuse. If everyone were kind, this world would be more tolerable.

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