• Gina Vernon

Take 11

Now, we’re in PA. Mostly bad memories here. But the good memories! Yo! I couldn’t believe how strangers used to tell me their life stories. I don’t know. They just started talking. I’m looking around like, oh, they’re talking to me! In PA??? I went to Buffalo Wild Wings one day. I was sitting down eating my food when 3 women asked if they could sit with me. Again, I’m looking around like, oh, they’re talking to me! There were empty booths & tables, but, ok, sure, sit with me. Idgaf. It was what it was. We’re still cool as hell too. There was something about me that had people approaching me. Hmm...what could it be? 🤔 Oh! I had confidence! That shit left as soon as I moved back to SC in 2013. Hmm...where is my confidence? I usually get that shit when I’m in the northeastern states. That didn’t happen this year. I need my confidence. I swear, if Georgetown SC killed my confidence & hid it somewhere...I’m finding it & reviving that shit! That’s what’s been missing! My confidence! I could not figure it out! I need that!

Before I forget. Thanks everyone for reaching out to me & allowing me to tell you what’s up with me. Too much heartache & depression in my life this year. Gah! Too much shit! Maybe next year will be better. ❤️ (love ya)✌🏽(deuces)

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