• Gina Vernon

Take 12

I’m always at a damn TA, Pilot, Petro, Flying J, or Love’s fueling, showering, eating or whatever. But driving to our destinations give me time to think, listen to music, & talk to a few people. I’ve driven truck before. So I know how life on the road is. It’s almost like you’re homeless, but, you’re not. Sure, there are beds in the truck but if you have a partner driving, the roads can be bumpy & you might not sleep so good. You also have to find time & a truck stop to shower, wash clothes, eat a meal, etc.

While driving, you have to play psychic & know what all the drivers are going to do. But, there is always that 1 idiot who cuts in front of a tractor trailer & slams on brakes. THESE TRUCKS ARE NOTHING TO FUCK WITH!!! I mean, I’m talking 80,000 lbs at the max is trying very hard not to flatten cars with idiots driving them. Someone drove from the left lane, crossed 3 lanes to the right where I was, just to exit the interstate. If I’d hit that car, guess who’s at fault. Me. Well, there’s this rule. If you are a truck driver (professional driver) you should know better. You could have avoided the accident. You have the training. They don’t. It’s fucked up but that’s how it is. You can slam on brakes, pull the engine brake lever to stop that truck,but that truck is gonna stop whenever & wherever & however it’s going to stop.

Now merging onto the interstate. Either speed up or slow down or get stuck on the shoulder. Don’t expect vehicles in the right lane to move to the lane to the their left. Because, guess what. We can’t always move over. We can’t always slow down to 30mph to let you in front of us. If I can go into another lane, I will go. If I can slow down to let you in front of me, I will do so. If I can’t do either, you can have that shoulder.

DO NOT SIT BESIDE A TRACTOR TRAILER!!! The right side is the blind side. We only have 3 mirrors on each side to find you. We don’t have a rear view mirror. We have a windshield. We have a driver window. We have a passenger window. That’s it. No back windows. If we can’t see you, we assume you are not there & change lanes. Especially, when there is a vehicle parked on the right shoulder of the road.

The law in most states is move over or slow down for emergency vehicles stopped on the shoulder. DUDE, THAT IS THE SCARIEST SHIT RIGHT THERE!!! You’re driving your tractor trailer in the right lane. There’s a car parked on the shoulder. (NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THAT CAR!!!) You need to get into the lane on your left. You can’t. There’s a car riding next to your trailer. You’re approaching the car on the shoulder. You have to slow all the way down. Get into the lane on your left; if possible. Why? Because people are replacing a flat tire on the driver side. People are fixing something in the trunk. People are talking beside their car on the roadside. Children are running & playing behind the parked car. YO!!! SCARY SHIT!!! Guess who can’t see them? The car on the left side of your trailer. That’s how long that car has been riding next to that trailer. If anyone steps into that road & your tractor trailer hit them, guess who’s at fault. You, the truck driver. The truck driver gets blamed for everything; if they are involved in it. Anyway, I’m shutting it down now. I gotta drive I’m a few hours. Be cool. ❤️ Love ya. ✌🏽 Deuces.

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