• Gina Vernon

Take 16

Damn, I need a cuddle buddy who will also be my fuck buddy. Or...Maybe I need a fuck buddy who will also be my cuddle buddy. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Either one is cool with me. 😋🤪

I mean sometimes I feel like I need to revert to my younger days when I was high & didn’t give a fuck about shit. I didn’t even give a fuck about myself, but, I gave a lot of fucks to men & women! 🤣 Seriously, only the sex part. I get lonely sometimes & I want to lie next to a beautiful woman. We can fuck or we can just lie there & cuddle. 🤷🏽‍♀️...Ha! Bullshit! If I’m lying next to a beautiful woman, I’m going to try to fuck her. That’s just me. I‘d like to lie behind her with my pelvic pushing in & out of her ass as I suck the side of her neck & stimulate her nipple with my index finger. Mmmmm I’m such a sexual person. Mmmmmm she’ll give in. I’ll whisper, “Sweetness, you don’t have to flex one muscle. I’ll do all the work. Mmmmm baby, I don’t mind at all. Mmmmmm you’re so fucking sexy.“

Yeah, I might just need a fuck buddy. Cuddle buddies are just teases.

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