• Gina Vernon

Take 17

Have I truly let go? 🤔 I have physically separated myself from certain people. Have I emotionally separated myself from them? Truth be told. I don't know.

You remove yourself from people, but, you can still be emotionally attached to them. It takes everything out of you to not contact them. Ok, that might be my experience.

I have cut people from my life. At first, it killed me to not contact them. I wailed like a baby. I don’t like losing people out of my life. That’s why I’m so clingy. Letting go of people is almost like they died. Well, I don’t plan to ever see them again. It’s like I’m grieving. I mean, damn, I need to get over people who aren’t shit to me.

The one way I stop grieving, is thinking about all the shit I allowed them to put me through. Oh, I get out of that grieving stage quick fast! Instantly, I think, why the fuck was I wasting my tears? That mutha fucka wasn’t shit!

The hardest people for me to let go of are my bio fam members. I think out of all of them, only 1 cousin & 1 sibling talk to me. It still hurts that the rest of my bio sibs & my bio parents don’t love me. I have to let all of them go. Yo, I should have never prayed to meet them. I should have never tried to get close to them. Lesson learned.

Let people go if you’re not shit to them. You’ll know when to let go. It’s when you see them for who they are & you are tired of dealing with them. It’s ok. Let them go. You let go then you will grow...strong against them & everyone like them.

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