• Gina Vernon

Take 19

Cuties on Netflix

Before watching the film:

My thing is, these girls' parents, or whoever is in charge of them, had to sign some papers to authorize the girls' part in "Cuties". Plus, sex is every fucking where: Online, on tv, in the music/videos. Just about everything is sexualized. I mean, this is probably what you're kids are watching anyway. As far as pedophiles go, they're probably jacking off to your kids' pics that you post on social media. Parents got their kids in beauty pageants showing off their kids' bodies. Kids are wearing bikinis on the beach. Pedophiles sees all of this & more. Pedophiles are filthy & disgusting in the most despicable way. They all need their dicks cut off & their pussies scooped out with a chainsaw.

After watching the movie:

Maaaaannn!!! 🤣 People need to get a grip! They are complaining about one short scene in a movie! One short scene! Ok. Granted. The girls dressed & danced passed their age. That was it! The girls didn’t even start dancing provocative, at first. Amy (pronounced Ah-Mee), the movie’s main character started dancing with the girls later. She introduced the adult kind of dancing to the girls. Plus, this is a French film!

To further prove my point, adults post videos with females twerking & shaking their ass, popping their pussy; all kinds of shit. So, you don’t think little kids watch that? I don’t think this movie even deserves my critique. I thought the movie was good. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. Yes, the girls dressed & danced provocatively, but there is more to the movie than that shit. Watch the movie & be your own judge of it & stop following people because they said something is wrong. That’s what’s wrong with people. They’re always following people. Be your own leader. Lead people to greatness. Find something to be upset about. There are so many problems in the world. Pick one to bitch about. Watch the movie & determine whether or not your child should watch it. That’s all I have to say about #CutiesNetflix for now. ✌🏽

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