• Gina Vernon

Take 21

The Loner

🤔 I’ve always felt like the black sheep, the outsider, the isolated one, the loner, the lonely one, neglected, abandoned like I don’t belong anywhere, like I’m the defective piece of many puzzles. The more I try to fit, the more I don’t fit. I feel awkward, like I shouldn’t be here, nonexistent, a mistake. In fact, I was told I was a mistake, I should have been terminated, erased, eradicated, aborted. I feel like I’m a figment of everyone’s imagination, overlooked, silently invisible, silently yelling for help, unforeseen potentials, unseen, unhappy, unloved, undesired, undeserving of joy, cursed, hexed, damned. Fuck this life. Fuck everything in it. Fuck trying. Fuck it all. All things must come to an end. I see the glass as half empty because someone neglected to fill it or discarded half of it. I am a realist. I see things for what they are. I tried to think positive but it only set me up for failure, total letdown, heartbreak, heartache, soul a result a #darkmental.

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