• Gina Vernon

Take 23

$40x52wks= $2080 a year

$2080 x16yrs=33,280

Excuse me, fam. I’m working on something. Should I retire at 50? Sooner? Later?

🤔 But I actually have a whole lot more. Also, I didn’t put $40 in every week for a year; for 16 yrs. I actually made up for those times I missed. 🤔 I put in tax refunds, money from CDs (Certificates of Deposits), money people gave me for birthdays, holidays, or whatever. I stopped smoking & drinking, so there was a huge increase of savings there. 🤔 I hustled here & there; meaning I did odd jobs for people. 🤔 I was always frugal. Instead of buying expensive stuff I didn’t need; I bought the cheap version or did without. 🤔 There was that savings account I forgot I had until the people from the bank sent me a letter stating they had been bought out. I took that money & put it into this account. 🤔 I fixed a few computers for people; got paid for that. Put the bulk of those earnings into this account. 🤔 Tried to give Mama some money. “Girl, you better keep your money!” “Are you sure?” “Yes. You never know when you’re going to need it.” “Ok. If you say so.” 🤷🏽‍♀️...🤔 There was that stimulus check that Obama gave out. Oh. That money went into a money market account. But I put that money into an IRA after it matured. 🤔 I did some day trading. Fucked up at first because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. Might start that again because I learned more about it. 🤔 Started new investments last year & this year just in case I blow through everything. 🤔 I am seriously thinking about not doing physical labor for money. I’m tired. I’ve been working since I was 18. So, 18 years old + 32 years working = retire at age 50. 🤔 Maybe I can settle down with someone & adopt a near grown person! 🤣 NOT!!!

What do you think, fam? Retire at 50? Sooner? Later?

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