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Take 26

*This entry was published 10/26/19 on Facebook Story; which Facebook is ending on 2/28/21

Pronounced Blizz Styles

If you know me personally, I have gone through millions of rap names over the years. The only names to really stick are Dark Mental, G Black, & Bliz Stylz. I've had all names since forever, but I have Dark Mental tatted on my arm. I had grown exhausted of the name G A Black or G Black. So I figured I should change that name. Besides, I wasn't in high school anymore. I chose Black Styles. Then, I'm like, "nah, let me put a twist to it. "Blizzy!" Hmm Blizz Styles, but spelled Bliz Stylz. Then, I thought maybe Dark Mental. I have a Dark Mental. That name fits me. Well, I self published my first book in 2005 with the pen name G Black. It seemed logical at the time. But, I also self published another book a few months ago also with the pen name G Black. That's the name I'm sticking with as an author. Hence the social media name @GBlackAuthor. Hmm. I'm also the hostess of @thegigineroshow. I write the scripts for that podcast as well. Hmm.

So I recently thought why not use all names? Use Dark Mental when I'm making beats or djing on Klazzix Radio. Use G Black when I write books or lyrics. Use Bliz Stylz when I rhyme. Simple. Nope. Complicated. Damn. There are so many methods to my madness. When I write lyrics, I write from the heart; my dark heart. That's G Black. When I make beats, I create them from a dark place. Anger is what fuels me sometimes. That's still G Black, but, more so Dark Mental on the beats. Hence @darkmentalbeats on social media. Bliz Stylz is the icing on the cake. Bliz Stylz brings out or delivers the lyrics like a crazy person. Do you know why? Because life is crazy. I deal with reality. I deal with everyday problems. I crush other rappers while I rhyme about reality. I try to feel or understand people's hardships. You'll see in my future projects that I lighten up my lyrics a little to fit in a love song or two.

Hip Hop had the greatest impact on my life. I'm telling you that Hip Hop saved my life. It saved me from killing people. Hip Hop saved their lives too. It saved me from a lot of bullshit in my life. More than you know. More than I care to share. I was an angry ass kid. I was an angry ass young adult. The saying is true. Music calms the savage beast. The more HipHop lyrics I wrote, the more I calmed down. The more Hip Hop I listened to, the more I calmed down. It doesn't matter which name I use, I'm always part of Hip Hop & Hip Hop is always part of me.

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