• Gina Vernon

Take 6

The 1 simple thing that I’ve been praying for my entire fucked up life. 1 simple fucking thing! Know what? Fuck it. I’m done. I’m not praying for it anymore. I’m not asking for it anymore. I’m not begging for it anymore. I give up. For real this time. I have tried so hard to get it for myself, but, damn, that shit doesn’t work for me. I’m accepting that it’s not meant for me to have. Everybody can have it. Can I have it? Nope. Oh, but I can have all the negative shit, huh? Damn, I’m so tired of feeling this way. One simple thing. Here’s one thing I won’t pray for but will probably get. I just wanna feel numb for the rest of my life. Just inject Novocain into my emotions. Take away all of my emotions. That way I won’t have to love or care for anyone. That way I won’t feel pain. That way I can be as selfish as I want to be. That way I can treat people like shit. Why can’t I treat people like shit? Can’t be any worst than how people have treated me. #fucklove #fuckhappiness #fucklife 💔😡🖕🏽

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